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PREMIER SSANGYONG offer FREE Collection & Delivery for servicing throughout the North West, ask when booking a service.

Competitive Servicing using genuine SsangYong and factory trained technicians


Light commercial users, such as private hire or taxi drivers, are not penalised by our warranty. With SsangYong, you get the same benefits as other owners. So no matter how many miles you travel in five years, you’re covered. And with a year’s AA breakdown cover included too, what’s stopping you!

For further information telephone our parts department today on 0161 393 6240.  Free Collection and Delivery for servicing throughout the North West.



At Premier we believe in making the customer ownership of our vehicles a rewarding one and so we are committed to doing everything we can to keep you satisfied with our products.  That’s why we have compiled this set of Frequently Asked Questions with the answers, so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

If after reviewing these questions, you still don’t have you’re answer, you can still ask your local SsangYong dealer or contact us for help.


How do I get an Owners manual?

All new SsangYong vehicles come with an Owners manual. If you need a replacement, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What are the service intervals for my car?

Service intervals for your SsangYong are 10,000 miles or 12 months for any petrol variants and 12,500 miles or 12 months for diesel variants. We allow a tolerance of 1,000 miles or 1 month beyond these parameters.

How much will it cost for a service

Premier will be able to give you a price for servicing and you may also want to consider our SsangYong Service Plans which allow you to fix prices for the duration.

How can I find out how much a parts cost?

Premier SsangYong Service Department will be able to advise you on the price for any parts you many need.




What is covered within the 7 year SsangYong warranty?

See the Warranty page for further details at which gives full terms and conditions of our class leading 7 year and 150,000 mile warranties.

(100,000 miles for Private hire and taxi’s).

I’ve purchased a second hand SsangYong, is the warranty still valid?

All warranties are transferable and will still be valid providing the vehicle has evidence of a full service history in line with the manufacturers maintenance schedule detailed in your owners manual.

My car has an incomplete service history – is the warranty still valid?

Any gaps in the vehicles service history will invalidate the warranty if the failure is due to lack of maintenance.

Does fitting non-genuine SsangYong parts invalidate my warranty?

Non-genuine SsangYong parts or accessories not approved by SsangYong will not invalidate the vehicle warranty but they must be of an equivalent standard.



How can I find out the service history for my car?

If your vehicle has been serviced within the SsangYong network, Premier will be able to help. You will need to contact the person who sold you the vehicle if it has been serviced outside the network.

Does my car have any outstanding safety recalls on it?

You can find out if your vehicle has an outstanding recall by asking Premier SsangYong Service Department.  There is also a government website that can be used to check outstanding recalls for any make and model of vehicle registered in the UK.

I have received a recall letter but no longer own a SsangYong – what should I do?

You need to advise the DVLA if you received a recall letter and are no longer own the vehicle. Please also let us know and we will update our records to ensure no further letters are sent.




Where can I find a chassis number or VIN on my car?

The Chassis number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is 17 alphanumeric characters that identifies a vehicle. The VIN code for SsyangYong models can be found on the top of the dash looking through the windscreen. It will also be in your service book.

How can I get a new key for my SsangYong?

If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, with proof of ID you can order a new key from Premier SsangYong Service .

How can I get my key code?

Premier SsangYong Service Department can place a secure data request for your keycode from SsangYong at a cost of £15, which will be charged to the customer.

Who do I contact if my SsyangYong breaks down?

All new vehicles registered after September 1st are covered with Allianz Roadside Assistance for a year. Just give them a call on 0800 5779481 in the UK and +44 0208 6039854 in Europe and Allianz will get you underway.




How do I find out which tow bar to fit to my car?

We have tow bars and accessories available that cover all of the SsangYong range – and check out the accessories page.

What is the maximum towing capacity for SsangYong?

SsangYong class leading towing capacities range from 1500 KG to 3500 KG dependent on the model. Within our Ownership section, you’ll find a dedicated Towing page for each model. You can also see this on your V5 document.

Where can I find the technical specifications for my SsangYong?

Premier SsangYong Service Centre will be happy to help or the main SsangYong UK website will have details.

How to find a part number/paint code?

Premier SsangYong Service Centre will be able to advise you what part number or paint code you need from your vehicle Chassis number.

Does my vehicle have to be serviced by a SsangYong dealer to keep the warranty?

Your vehicle does not have to be serviced at a SsangYong dealer, however, you should obtain a service stamp in your vehicle manual and parts must be SsangYong or equivalent standard.

How do I update my Tom Tom Satelite Navigation mapping?

SsangYong has a dedicated website to find latest maps for your Tom Tom.

Simply download to a memory stick and upload to your Tom Tom unit via the USB port in your vehicle. URL:

I have a complaint about my dealer, who can I talk to?

Premier SsangYong Service Centre is committed to exceptional levels of customer care, so tell us if you are not satisfied with our service, so that we are able to resolve your concern. If this does not fix it, you can view our Customer Service Policy, which details how SsangYong handle customer concerns.

The dealer isn’t able to fix my car, who can I talk to?

In the first instance let us know that you have a problem that is not resolved to your satisfaction, so that we are able to work with you to resolve your concern.

We have access to the SsangYong technical team that will advise and assist.


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